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Vendo guitarra fender stratocaster american special 2010 con sistema AVRI (American Vintage Reissue). Hardware Dorado y Hardcase Deluxe Fender.


Shielded AVRI 59 loaded pick guard factory wiring,

Just wire up three points. Works great and ready to rock.

The Fender American Special line has always been a great value proposition for those who may be on a slightly tighter budget. While it may not have all the bells and whistles of the American Standard or American Deluxe it still has the same top notch build quality but at a fraction of the price.

Real USA Build

Unlike other guitars in this price bracket this guitar has the same USA build quality that all Fender players dream of. Both the alder body and maple neck have been produced using the same materials and techniques that are used on the American Standard and other models.

As it is made in the USA this guitar has a great premium feel that you just don't get with Mexican made versions. That all comes down to the quality craftsmanship of all the craftsmen at the USA factory and the care they put in to every guitar.

Traditional Style Hardware

If you are looking to get classic Fender strat sounds there are certain pieces of hardware you look for. First off you want three sweet single coil pickups that are neither to hot nor too cold. To hit this perfect sound Fender have used the Texas Special pickups.

They are essentially overwound standard strat pickups with period correct cloth wire. The overwound design means you get a lot more midrange punch out of these pickups to help you cut through the mix a lot more.

You also get the strong and stable vintage style synchronized tremolo on this guitar. For smooth and subtle vibes and maybe even some crazier work as well this tremolo is a must for a classic strat.

S/. 4,500

Fender Stratocaster American Special - AVRI 2010

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